The audio device handles volume control at the sound server level.

Why two ways of changing volume?

We wanted to have the most flexability possible when determining how to build you radio experience. Players each have their own volume, and can potentially be played out off different audio devices. If you only have one player in your Radiodan setup, you might prefer to just use the player's volume command, as we've found it to be slightly quicker in responding than the system audio.

Usage Example

The volume command has the same response and signature as the player object. Volume level is expressed as an integer percentage (0-100). You can set the volume using either an absolute value, or a differential.

// create device object
var audioDevice = Device.create();

// set to 90%
audioDevice.volume({value: 90});

// lower by 20%
audioDevice.volume({diff: -20});

// raise by 10%
audioDevice.volume({diff: 10});

See the API for more details.